Rescued by Ruby 2022 hollywood movies review


Rescued by Ruby is an 2022 American Netflix original biographical drama film directed by Katt Shea. Its story follows a state trooper named Dan, who dreams of joining the K-9 search and rescue team of the state police, however has been unsuccessful in doing so until he befriends a shelter dog named Ruby. The film is based on a true story. The film was released on March 17, 2022.

Ruby is an extremely hyperactive dog that has been adopted multiple times from the shelter she’s been in over the last six months, but always later returned due to an inability to train or control her.

Rhode Island state trooper Daniel O’Neil has dreamed of joining the K-9 search and rescue team of the state police. However, he has been rejected 7 times and he only has one last chance to qualify before he turns 30.

Daniel learns that the K-9 unit has no funds to import any more German Shepherds, the breed usually used in search and rescue teams, and therefore he would not be able to join the program. He finds out his wife Mel(issa) is pregnant with their second child, making him even more determined to go for it. The promotion would also improve his pay and benefits.

Pat, an advocate for at the shelter, begs her workmate Rick to give Ruby a little more time. He announces that in the evening they will put her down. Dan discovers a K-9 dog doesn’t have to be a sheperd, but curious, agile and spirited. Then he visits the shelter, and Pat convinces him to adopt Ruby to train her and join the program.

The story then follows Dan’s attempts to train Ruby, their failures and their successes. They both are high-energy, enthusiastic and have to discover how to work together effectively.

Captain Zarella explains that after an entry exam, those accepted do six weeks intensive training. To enter, dog and owner must have the right temperament, focus, calmness and compassion. Ruby does well until finally, impatient, she wiggles free, riling up a bees nest. Out of the official training, Mel reminds Dan he got through the police academy with dyslexia and hyperactivity, so maybe he should try homeschooling Ruby.

At the exam at six weeks, Ruby passes. They wait for months on their junior team, until finally they are needed. Sent to a home where a murder victim is meant to be, Ruby senses human remains, but Dan can’t find them. Disappointed, he ignores her, dejected. She runs off during the night, only to have Zarella tell him the remains were found at the scene. Dan frantically searches for Ruby, finally finding her.

Dan and Ruby join the search teams seeking a lost hiking boy. They find him in the rain and dark, and Michael turns out to be Pat’s son.

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