Resort to Love 2021 hollywood movie reviews


Like an all-inclusive vacation package, you basically know what’s in store for a romantic comedy like “Resort to Love.” A cutesy storyline, some endearing performances, a few laughs, and by the credits’ roll, a whole lotta love. Some vacationers and viewers may find comfort in the predictability and safety in this routine. It’s the kind of format that won’t let them down or jolt them out of the ordinary. Others may find this regimen lacks any sort of thrill or surprises, missing that kind of spontaneity that’s only found in the unknown and unplanned.

Director Steven K. Tsuchida’s “Resort to Love” finds its heroine Erica (Christina Milian) at a rough time in her life. Still reeling from the break-up of her engagement, she sticks around in New York City to try to launch her music career—only to watch her hopes dashed when her collaboration with a popular tempestuous male artist (think Kanye West on a bad day) destroys their collaboration onstage at a listening party. Erica’s best friend intervenes to break her out of her funk after back-to-back personal and professional setbacks, and finds her a gig as a singer for a lush Caribbean resort. Still working through her feelings, Erica runs into the man she least wanted to meet: her ex, Jason (Jay Pharoah), and his new bride-to-be. Of course, the encounter brings up leftover feelings for both Erica and Jason, but things get complicated when Jason’s dashing brother Caleb (Sinqua Walls) also shows an interest in Erica and Jason’s fiancé insists on including Erica in her wedding party without knowing her history with Jason.

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