Roar – Tigers Of The Sundarbans 2014 movie reviews


Roar is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language film written and directed by Kamal Sadanah. The film was premiered by Salman Khan at an event in Mumbai on 31 July 2014, ahead of a 31 October release. It is an epic tale of a team trying to outsmart the acute senses of the infamous white tiger who is looking for her cub.

Roar was shot in the dense mangrove forest, showcasing the animal-man conflict, and the film has aerial visuals of the Sundarbans and over 800 shots with special effects. Director Kamal Sadanah said, “We spent four months doing the test shoots and we shot with trained tigers from Los Angeles and Thailand and composited these sequences with the ones taken at Sundarbans with VFX”. He concluded by saying that he had to take up an online course in visual effects along with his producer Abis Rizvi.

LA-based Michael Watson, whose resume has The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, was hired as the director of photography, and a special team from Scandinavia was signed to film the aerial shots using helicams. Producer Rizvi said, “With an international crew of 150 on board and a 300-member VFX team, it took us 12 months to edit the film and put our audacious dream out on celluloid. Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty was signed for Sound design.

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