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Raghava lives in Lucknow with his son Arjun and is the head cook in a Brahmin’s caterers where he helps his caterers daughter Amrutha in a catering job and soon falls for him for his honesty. Meanwhile Balaram Tripathi, an ex-minister vows revenge on Raghav because of two reasons: Balaram had planned an assassination attempt on ministeral candidate Omkar Shukla but was saved by Raghava. Tripathi had arranged marriage for his son Kishan with the Central minister’s daughter for political gain but was ruined by Raghava and Arjun.

Tripathi brings Raghava and tells his henchman to finish him off, but Raghava violently kills all of them and Tripathi. Kishan seeks the help of crime boss Sarkar to kill Raghava and dispatches men to finish him. But Raghava kills them and Sarkar is astonished to see Raghava and reveals that Raghava is actually Roberrt and Arjun is not his son. Meanwhile, Amrutha also confronts Raghava about his past. Few years ago in Mangalore, Roberrt and Raghava are friends who actually work for Sarkar’s elder brother Nanabhai who had fallen out from each other. Roberrt helps Raghava and Thanu express their love for each other to their parents who declines, but later accepts Raghava and Thanu’s relationship, and soon get married and have a son Arjun.

Meanwhile, Roberrt and Raghava discover Nana’s son Cherry indulging in Human Traffickling and they kill him despite Nana’s request. While celebrating Arjun’s birthday Nana’s gang get attacked by unknown forces and Thanu is murdered. Raghava becomes approver to police by divulging Nana’s crimes. Raghava finds that Nana planned the encounter and arrives at Roberrt’s den where he believes Roberrt to be behind Nana’s plan, the two indulge in a fight. However Nana kills Thanu’s parents and throws a dead Raghava, and Roberrt and an infant Arjun into a container where they drown it. but Roberrt and Arjun survived and escape the drowned container. But Raghava makes Roberrt promise that he will raise Arjun in non-violent manner.

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