Sanam Teri Kasam 2016 movie reviews


Saraswati “Saru” Parthasaarthy is an extremely traditional, young librarian, who gets rejected by many suitors who find her “old-fashioned” and “unappealing”. Her younger sister Kaveri’s fiancé issues her an ultimatum to marry him within a month or else move on. But her strict father, Jayram Parthasarthy says that her wedding cannot happen till Saru gets married. Enraged, Kaveri insults her and threatens to elope. Saru begs her not to elope and hurt their father, and promises Kaveri that she will find a husband soon.

In the same building, lives Inder Lal Parihaar, a handsome ex-convict and his fashionista girlfriend, renowned stylist Ruby Malhotra. Jayram views them as a bad influence to the society as he finds them embarrassing. After a few days, however, they break-up. When Saru’s parents are out of town, Saru secretly meets Inder and seeks help to get her a makeover appointment from Ruby. She wants to impress her office crush Abhimanyu who holds a degree in IIT.

During their conversation, a drunken Ruby barges in and presumes Inder to be cheating on her. In a fit of rage, she insults Saru and throws her wine bottle on Saru and leaves, but Inder shields her and gets badly injured. Saru helps Inder to his bed while the watchman approaches Inder’s apartment and misunderstands the scene of them having a physical relationship and alerts all the elders of the society. Unaware, Saru helps Inder tend to his wounds despite his reluctance. Jayram returns early from his trip. He and the elders, find Saru with Inder on his bed, completely misunderstanding the situation, while Jayram disowns her.

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