Saroj Ka Rishta 2022 movies review

Saroj Ka Rishta Review: Saroj Sharma (Sanah Kapur) is on the heavier side of the weighing scale, but extremely happy with the way she is. She’s confident and self-assured, which attracts the attention of a gym-trainer and photographer Shantanu (Gaurav Pandey). However, Saroj decides to undergo body transformation to appease and marry her childhood love, Vikram (Randeep Rai). Her plans turn awry when Vikram lands up in Ghaziabad, unannounced. Whether Saroj marries Vikram or accepts Shantanu’s love forms the rest of the narrative.

At a conceptual level, ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ had ample scope for light-hearted moments, plenty of humour and a good number of emotional curves that could have elevated the message the film intended to push out. However, what we end up seeing in the narrative is a series of slow-paced, convenient and unfunny moments, and some twists and turns that are better done by TV serials lately. The screenplay and dialogue could have taken the story several notches higher. Instead, they pull it down through most parts of the runtime, which feels tedious. The film could clearly have done with a better edit.

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