Save Yourselves! 2020 hollywood movie reviews


A prologue states that this was the year the Earth was lost. A 30-something millennial couple, Su and Jack, decide to “disconnect” from their Internet-obsessed and superficial lives in Brooklyn by turning off their phones for a week and staying at a remote cabin in the forest, owned by their friend Raph. Su tells her boss about the trip and her boss replies that she is fired. As they drive away, objects begin descending from the sky.

At the cabin, the couple reconnect with one another, discussing various ways to “become better people”, such as by baking bread, going vegetarian, or starting a community garden. Their urges to turn their phones back on are strong at first but seem to subside as time goes on. During their stay, Jack notices a strange fuzzy ball-like object sitting in the den, which Su refers to as a “pouffe,” due to its similar appearance to a footrest. After briefly contemplating if it was there before, the couple ignore it.

Su produces a hand-written list of activities for her and Jack to perform in order to connect with each other on a deeper level. With Jack initially interested, he finds out that Su wrote this list down from an article on the Internet, saying that instead of disconnecting from the Internet like they intended, Su brought it with them.

After several discussions about doing something with their lives and what they have to offer the world, Su heatedly insults Jack’s character, who angrily walks away and goes outside. Jack attempts to chop wood but only manages to get the axe stuck in the wood, and only gets the axe unstuck after a lot of trouble.

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