Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana 2017 movie reviews


Hailing from a conservative family, Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda), an intelligent and well educated girl from Kanpur, meets Satyendra “Sattu” Mishra (Rajkummar Rao), an inspector in the Excise Department, on her parents’ persistence who are trying to fix an arranged marriage for her.

Aarti finds Sattu’s off-traditional views charming and had put a only thing in front of him that after marriage, her in-laws will allow her for job, while Sattu is mesmerized by Aarti’s beauty and agrees. Sattu and Aarti decide to move forward and both of them fall in love with each other.

On the night of marriage, Aarti comes to know that she has cleared the PCS exam. Aabha Shukla (Nayani Dixit), her sister, warns her that if she gets married, her in-laws won’t let her pursue the career dreams that she has. On Aabha’s and maternal uncle Jogi Sinha’s (Manoj Pahwa) provocation, Aarti decides to run-away from her house without informing Sattu or his family. Sattu is shocked to know about the incident and is left heartbroken. During the end, a fight erupts as Jogi forces Sattu’s family to return dowry money. Sattu agrees to pay back which leaves his family to undergo hard times with loss of face in the society, and his mother Shanti Mishra (Alka Amin) being forced selling all her jewelry to repay the money to Aarti’s family.

Five years later, Aarti who is now a PCS Officer is successfully moving up in her career. She even helps her best friend Neelam Gupta to get a job in the same office. Aarti is accused of taking a bribe and suspended till her case is resolved. During the investigation, Aarti discovers to her horror that the officer in charge of her case is Satyendra, who has now become an IAS officer. She is shocked to find out the changed attitude and lack of sympathy he has for her.

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