Shylock 2020 movies review


Boss, a ruthless moneylender gives Prathapa Varma, a film producer money for a film Varma is producing. But Prathapa Varma cheats him by not repaying the money, which angers Boss. Varma is a friend of Felix John, a corrupted high-ranked police officer. Boss causes mayhem on the sets of Prathapa Varma’s film due to which he sends men to kill Boss. Boss defeats everyone and mocks Prathap and Felix. Felix creates a fake case that Prathapa Varma’s son Adithya Varma has gone missing and Boss is the kidnapper.

The police arrest Boss but a video evidence proves that Prathapa Varma’s son is celebrating Holi in Nagpur. Felix is forced to release Boss. On the way home Prathapa Varma confronts Boss and demands to know the whereabouts of Adithya.

After the video was telecasted Boss reveals that he kidnap and killed Adithya by using Pratap Varma’s car claiming it as an accident. During Adhitya’s funeral, Felix and Prathapa Varma doubt that Boss was part of a plot that happened 7 years ago. Boss confirms this. His associates ask him but Boss doesn’t respond and receives a call which leads Boss going to a house where an old man named Ayyanar wakes up. His associates question him once again. Boss reveals that Ayyanar is his brother and reveals his past.

Boss’s real name was Devan. Devan used to live with his rich family. Devan’s cousin is in love with a woman named Poonkuzhali. Poonkuzhali’s family declined their relationship due to caste differences. Devan and Ayyanar fights Poonkuzhali’s elder brother Rangan’s henchman and convince Poonkuzhali to marry Devan’s cousin. Rangan is angered by this and teams up with Felix and Prathapa Varma to get revenge on Devan and his family.

Devan has to go to Chennai for a few days. During this time, a producer asks Ayyanar for money. Ayyanar agrees but on a condition that Devan, who aspires to be an actor, should act in the movie. Just then Rangan, Rangan’s brother, Felix, Prathapa Varma and their henchmen kill the producer and fights with Ayyanar. Rangan kills Ayyanar’s wife, Lakshmi. In revenge, Ayyanar kills Rangan by stabbing him. Rangan’s brother realizes that Felix and his men back-stabbed him and Rangan and gets killed.

Adhitya Varma and his henchman kill all the family members except Ayyanar who is stabbed. Assuming him to be dead, Felix and Prathapa Varma leave. Devan returns that night and finds the family members dead. He sees that Ayyanar is still alive and takes him to a hospital. The doctor says that everyone except Ayyanar is dead but Ayyanar will be crippled for life. Back to the present, Felix and Prathapa Varma also learn about Boss’s past. Boss kidnaps Prathapa’s and Felix’s friend Chacko and Felix’s son. They find Chacko heavily drunk and strapped to a chair and Felix’s son murdered.

Angered, Felix kills Chacko. Boss calls him and challenges Prathapa Varma and Felix to a fight in his old house. They both agree to the challenge and reaches the venue where Boss overpowers their henchman and subdues Felix. Ayyanar stabs Felix to death while Boss kills Prathapa Varma. Boss then takes care of Ayyanar continuing his business as Shylock.

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