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A middle-class family is happily living in a busy locality in Punjab. One fine day a shuffle in bags brings an unwanted guest to their home and bad luck gets him killed. Their world turns upside down as the blood is on their hands. What will the man do to save his world from falling and make his ‘Tabbar’ live long is the story.

To begin with, let’s appreciate new-age filmmakers their sensibility and strive for authenticity that we have now left behind the stereotypical ‘sarson ke khet’ Punjab, and looking at the real, raw and in parts brutal reality of the land. Thanks to flag bearer Abhishek Chaubey with his Udta Punjab, that also gets a passing mention in Tabbar.

Coming to the show, a family can be depicted in many ways. In the recent times, shows have tapped into the importance and drama amid families on lots of occasions. Sometimes the conflict is emotional (Potluck), societal (Grahan) and about love (Gullak). But what if one of the family members kills a stranger to save his family? Tabbar means family. And the show is about a man putting his family above everything and save them from the world.

It is kind of Drishyam (Ajay Devgn/Mohanlal), but 10 shades darker. Writer Harman Wadala, who is also the creator with Sandeep Jain and Mr. Roy write a story about a family who in their worst nightmare never thought about even harming another human. But one day their existence is put to test and begins the adventure for survival. Call it a family drama, a thriller or a survival drama, Tabbar successfully fits in all the subgenres.

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