The 13th Friday 2017 hollywood movies review


A group of teens find themselves trapped by a curse when they enter a haunted house, which has been possessed by an enraged entity who died on Friday 13th.

To overcome the curse and stay alive, they must sacrifice one person every month over the next 13 months, so the entity can collect the victim’s souls in a mechanical sphere ball known as the calendar. But when the final sacrifice (who is also one of their own) escapes, the curse is not broken. Now the teens are now the target of the entity who has come to claim their souls.

Despite what the title may indicate, it has very little to do with the Friday 13th or the slasher film series, although it does make for some clever marketing. The 13th Friday is a supernatural thriller, which has plenty of ideas, even though it is unsure where it wants to go.

The film could have concentrated more on the group completing their kills, developing a story around how they lure their victims before they are sacrificed. However, in The 13th Friday these scenes are indicated briefly in a series of montage sequences. The first two kills show a woman being drowned in a bath, and another tied up in a car where she is killed by the car fumes, with several of the other deaths only suggested through a series of missing person posters.

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