The Ghost 2022 movies review


Vikram is an Interpol field agent who is suffering from anger management issues and nightmares about a riot in which his mother was killed. During a mission to save a business mogul’s son, Vikram’s recklessness in the mission causes the boy to get killed in collateral damage.

After this incident, Vikram develops a guilt complex and becomes wild with rage where he breaksup with Priya. 5 years later, Vikram retires from the Interpol, where he receives a call from his estranged sister and a corporate businesswomen named Anupama Nair, who runs a business conglomerate Nair Group. Vikram leaves to Ooty and reminices his life about being adopted by Anu’s father Nagendra Naidu, who is a colonel in Indian Army and Anu getting seperated as Naidu denied her relationship with a congolmerate named Ashok Nair.

After reaching Ooty, Vikram meets Anu, who reveals that she is receiving death threats and attempts on her life and fears that her daughter Adithi’s life is in danger as her bodyguards are also not trustworthy. Anu request Vikram to protect Adithi, where Vikram tells her to appoint him as Adithi’s bodyguard. Vikram begins his investigation by checking Ashok Nair’s family, while Anu leaves for a business trip. Vikram slowly begins to change Adithi’s behaviour and habits. Adithi and her friends divert Vikram and leave for a trip to Goa. While partying with her friends, Adithi and her friends are sedated and kidnapped, but Vikram (having learnt about their location) saves them, where Adithi reveals that she knows about Vikram.

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