The Humanity Bureau 2017 hollywood movies review


In the future, war, climate and political agendas have robbed America of its resources. An agency called “the Humanity Bureau” ensures citizens are efficient. Inefficient citizens are deported to a city called New Eden. Noah Kross is an agent of the Humanity Bureau who manages the deportation of Chester Hill, a former governor of Colorado, who now lives in misery. When asked why he wishes to stay in squalor rather than be relocated to New Eden, he says he knows “the truth”. He fires a shotgun at Kross and the hotel manager; Kross kills him in self-defense.

Kross evaluates a single mother, Rachel Weller, and her son, Lucas. Though apparently struggling, they wish to stay rather than go to New Eden. He delays sending in his report so the boy can perform at a musical recital the following day; Kross fondly remembers fishing in Canada as a boy and wants Lucas to have a positive memory of his recital. This act of minor insubordination upsets the Bureau and catches the attention of Kross’s supervisor Adam, who places him under investigation. Rachel’s resistance to relocation and the “truth” purported by Chester motivate Kross to investigate New Eden. A defense contractor working for the bureau gives Kross a memory card.

The next day, Kross attends Lucas’ recital and spends the night with them. When he wakes up the next morning, he sees the Bureau coming and rushes inside to get Rachel and Lucas. Rachel is being held hostage by Adam. Lucas shoots Adam in the eye with a BB gun and they escape. They drive to a gas station; Kross isn’t able to purchase gas because his card has been canceled. Kross demands gas at gunpoint. When asked by the owner if Kross is a family man, he says he is “trying to be”. The owner assists in their flight by crashing his truck into the Bureau vehicles pursuing Kross.

Back at the Bureau, Adam is admonished for failing to stop Kross. The Bureau’s director opens a package of what looks like dust in front of him and shows Adam a child’s tooth, warning him that if he fails again, he will end up in New Eden, revealed to be an extermination camp where unproductive citizens are incinerated. Kross has learned the truth and seeks to save Lucas and Rachel.

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