The Last Kingdom 2022 Season 5 review


STORY: The storyline only gets intense and supremely complex from here, with one of King Edward’s own ready to drink up his blood, among other equally gripping subplots. Where is ‘The Last Kingdom’ headed, and who will be the last man standing?

REVIEW: If you have missed watching high-class fictional historical sagas—since GOT—then ‘The Last Kingdom’ season five is definitely here to fill that void. This 10-part series is an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s historical fiction ‘The Saxon Stories’, and while some book-to-screen adaptations get lost in translation, this series—thanks to a highly dependable star cast, excellent cinematography and top-notch art direction—has proved to be at par with its source material, if not better.

‘The Last Kingdom’ has kept its small yet dedicated fan base hooked since its debut production released back in 2015 and, despite a plethora of creative liberties, the series continues to strike the right chords. Without delving into intricate details, let’s just touch base and reveal a few key points only: Uhtred is in Runcorn while anxiously waiting for Brida’s highly likely return to the scene. He also plans on (or, maybe he already does?) raising Aethelstan all by himself.

However, there is conflict just round the corner. On the other hand, magic child Vibeke—with her gang of Danes for protection—pays a visit to King Sigtryygr and Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra. Also, an elaborate plan to deceive and betray King Edward is in progress and Aelfweard has a lot going on in the background, too.

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