The Package 2013 hollywood movie reviews


Returning home from Germany, Sean Floyd, Jeremy Abelar, and Donnie plan to go to the woods for spring break. Unbeknownst to Sean or Donnie, Jeremy has invited his high school sister, Becky, and Donnie’s ex-girlfriend Sarah. Donnie persuades Sean to make a move on Becky, whom he has a crush on. Jeremy assures the group that the trip is safe, while the rest worry as it took them 6 hours to reach their destination. Arriving at the campsite, Sean attempts to make a move on Becky but is interrupted by Donnie, who takes him along to pester a peeing Jeremy. Because of them startling him while he’s playing with his knife, Jeremy accidentally cuts off his own penis. Having called 9-1-1, Sean alerts the paramedics and assures Jeremy that everything is going to be okay. He gives the paramedics a cooler containing his penis.

In the morning, the group finds the penis still in their possession and find out that they have given the paramedics a cooler containing beer. At the hospital, the nurse reveals the dilemma to Jeremy, who is distraught due to the fact that she does not have any faith in the group. Having gotten lost in the woods trying to find their car, they find a radio tower. Believing they can send someone a signal, they go inside and find a rattlesnake. Surprised, Becky tosses the cooler towards it; the snake bites it. After Sean has sucked out the venom, Sarah discovers a drone secretly following them and chases it, but falls inside a ravine in the process. The rest follow, ending in Sean getting a huge sensitive bruise on his back. They swim across the ravine and find the owner of the drone, a foul mouthed 11 year old boy out camping with his dad. He tries to bribe Sarah and Becky into scissoring in front of him; offended, Sarah slaps him, allowing the group to steal his boat, although they are attacked by his dad, who thought the group molested his son.

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