The Royal Treatment 2022 hollywood movies review


The movie starts with a hairdresser, named Izzy (Isabelle) giving out donuts for free in her neighborhood on her way to work. Arriving at work, she finds that the microwave in her salon caused a fire. The assistant of the owner of the salon, Doug, arrives asking for payment for the damage so she gives the money that she had saved for traveling the world.

Meanwhile prince of Lavania, Prince Thomas, asks his assistant to schedule a haircut. His assistant mistakenly calls up Izzy’s salon telling her that she will be paid $500 for the haircut. Izzy agrees and visits the palace. When she meets the prince and starts cutting his hair, a housekeeper comes with tea and accidentally drops it. Izzy is upset at how badly the housekeeper is treated and leaves without finishing the Princes haircut.

She returns back to the salon and starts recounting the day’s events to her family. During the recounting, The Prince comes in to finish the haircut. After Prince gets the haircut, Izzy agrees to walk the prince back to the metro and the two share a light-hearted fun night.

The next day The Prince, his fiancee Lauren, and her mother discuss who to hire as the makeup artists for the wedding. Prince Thomas’s assistant recommends Izzy’s salon and is confirmed. He goes to the salon asking if they would like to be the makeup artists for the wedding. They agree and go to the castle. Another assistant Lola asks Izzy and her friends to the makeup room to test their skills. Izzy passes but her friends don’t so Lola trains them. After some time, Izzy leaves the castle to see the province and The Prince accompanies her.

The next day, Thomas states at the meal table to his family that he wants to do more for the locals. Izzy heads in to town and encourages locals to donate to the less fortunate children by leaving items at the castle gate. Meanwhile Lauren tells Thomas that she wants part of their new estate to be for her work studio for a business idea that she has. Thomas finds the guard house full of donated toys for the children. Izzy and Thomas drive the toys and some royal furniture to the orphanage.

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