The Whistleblower 2021 reviews


The SonyLIV series The Whistleblower shares with Randeep Jha’s movie Halahal the same subject matter and one of its key actors. Halahal sees Sachin Khedekar as a bereaved father who teams up with a police officer to expose a college admissions racket. In The Whistleblower, Khedekar is the owner of a hospital who is unaware that his son is impersonating medical school candidates.

Both movie and series have been inspired by the Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh in 2013, which involved staggering levels of fraud in the entrance examinations process and recruitment for government postings. Reports of a string of mysterious deaths of people associated with the scam raised questions about the true scale of the operation and kept the conspiracy theories coming thick and fast.

In The Whistleblower, it all begins with a young man’s search for a “kick”, a distraction from his privilege and success. Sanket (Ritwick Bhowmik) is a medical intern and the son of hospital owner Ashwin (Khedekar). Blessed with intelligence, wealth, charisma and an unerring ability to score with women, the risk-addicted Sanket is proud to be amoral.

Sanket’s crooked path soon intersects with that of the low-caste politician Jairaj Jatav (Ravi Kishen). Keenly aware of the systemic discrimination against his community, Jairaj has vowed to pack the hospitals with doctors – through fraudulent means.

Written by Ajay Monga and Shivang Monga and directed by Manoj Pillai, The Whistleblower has a host of characters and numerous developments spread across nine episodes. The show convincingly sets up its pervasive perversity. Sanket is hardly alone in his cynicism, and is moved to act only when matters get out of hand. With doctors who are not qualified to practise and policemen who have bribed their way into jobs, only crookedness can unmask the corrupt, the show suggests.

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