The Wolverine (2013) 3D hollywood movies review


IF you are a fan of X-Men, then by now you must have seen The Wolverine’s latest offering in which he goes to Japan, saves an heiress and returns a victor, as always. But if you aren’t a fan, let me tell you, watch it and you will turn into a believer!

Hugh Jackman returns as the superhero in director James Mangold’s The Wolverine that has been released in 3D, to make the man-who-doesn’t-age, seem larger than life. And yes, as the tagline suggests, when he’s most vulnerable, he’s most dangerous and here he is at his worst because he loses his special healing powers (for some time) and that does make matters worse.

The movie begins with Logan, aka Wolverine, (Hugh Jackman) being tracked by a fellow mutant who comes all the way from Tokyo to take him to her master — an old war-time acquaintance Yashida — for one last meeting. The meeting, however, changes everything and Wolverine is left to defend the granddaughter of Yashida from humans, mutants and machines!


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