Undekhi 2022 Season 2 review

How rare it is to have a sequel more or equally successful as the first season of a web series? Five minutes into the first episode of Undekhi season 2 and you get hooked. With the entire original cast returning for the sequel, director Ashish R Shukla makes a decent effort to recreate the same magic as the first one but after the first half, it’s a struggle to maintain the same standard. Also read: Undekhi director Ashish R Shukla: ‘I have seen many star kids who are talented and humble, outsiders who are arrogant’

Harsh Chhaya is Papaji – an unabashedly filthy-mouthed alcoholic. Joining him is his no-nonsense godson Rinku (Surya Sharma), who is evil as ever. They are trying to cover their tracks by eliminating one link after the other to hide the murder of a dancer at a wedding party.

As the second season begins, the only living witness is back in safe hands after suffering a near-deadly fall but those looking for her are not aware of her status. Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s DCP Ghose is dejected on not being able to find her. While he wants to take her to Bengal alive, main antagonist Rinku is hell bent on getting her killed. There is enough fodder to keep the fire burning with nail-biting suspense, drama and action but while Undekhi 2 doesn’t sink to the bottom, it surely struggles to stay afloat.

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