Vettaikaaran 2009 movies review


Ravi is a youth from Thoothukudi. He aspires to become a policeman like his role model, Encounter Specialist DCP Devaraj IPS. After completing his Twelfth standard in his fifth attempt, he joins a college in Chennai and also earns a living by driving an auto rickshaw. During the course, he meets Suseela, an IT professional and falls in love with her instantly. Although Suseela rejects Ravi’s advances at first, with the help of her grandmother, Ravi succeeds in winning Suseela’s heart.

Meanwhile, Chella, a rowdy and a womaniser, meets Ravi’s friend Uma in a public place, where she is taking donations for some cause, and immediately develops an attraction to her. When Uma asks Chella to contribute money, he willingly donates, but violates her modesty by placing the money between her breasts. When Ravi finds out what had happened to Uma, he comes to her defense and beats up Chella, hospitalising him.

His troubles start from there as Chella’s father, a powerful don named Vedanayagam, with the help of his right-hand man, a corrupt police officer Kattabomman, begin to create havoc in Ravi’s life. Ravi is soon thrown into jail on a false case of drug smuggling and is expelled from college. Only Suseela is willing to help him. She goes to Devaraj and pleads with him to help Ravi, but Devaraj initially refuses to help as his entire family had died at the hands of Vedanayagam and he himself was blinded by him because he had taken action against him and his gang. However, with the help of his henchmen, he saves Ravi from being killed in a fake encounter led by Kattabomman. It is at this stage that Ravi takes up a new persona called “Police” Ravi to clean up the illegal activities of Vedanayagam and instill hope in the public, something that Devaraj was unable to do.

In the process however, Vedanayagam kills Ravi’s close friend Sugu, prompting Ravi to kill Chella in retribution. Vedanayagam decides soon after to become a minister to prevent Ravi from targeting him and his activities. As Ravi finally plans to kill the newly sworn-in minister Vedanayagam, the police arrive to arrest Ravi. However, Ravi sees Devaraj in the crowd and announces Vedanayagam’s location to him just as he is being arrested, allowing Devaraj to assassinate Vedanayagam, effectively taking his revenge.

In the end, Devaraj is reinstated into the police force and offers to make Ravi a police officer. However, Ravi refuses, stating that he has found the police officer within himself and that is all he needs to succeed in life.

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