Vijay Aso 2013 movie reviews


Story Outline: Shankar Gawde (Chinmay Mandlekar) is not just a karyakarta (party worker) for Forest Minister Prakash Jadhav (Murli Sharma). He considers the politician as his demigod. He helps fulfill Jadhav’s political motives by staging fake protests, gatherings, etc.

All hell breaks loose for Jadhav when television journalist Shrikant Pathak (Ganesh Yadav) exposes him for corruption in the land sector. Hence, the party chief demands Jadhav’s resignation. In order to show his power and hit back at the party chief, Jadhav orders Gawde to organize a violent protest outside the party chief’s office. An emotionally charged Gawde obeys the orders only to realize that he has been taken for a ride. Angry and heartbroken, Gawde sets out to take revenge from Jadhav for the betrayal!

Review: There have been a number of political dramas in recent years. But despite that, debutant filmmaker Rahul Jadhav’s Vijay Aso stands out for portraying the real picture on the working of a karyakarta (party worker). Although there is an absence of flawlessness, the above mentioned point, a fast narration and above all, Chinmay Mandlekar’s bravura act make sure that Vijay Aso is surely worth watching.

What works most for the movie is a fast paced narration with hardly a dull moment. After an average beginning, the writers have nicely presented a number of interesting events one after the other. But the biggest plus point has to be the inside story behind political events like rallies, gatherings, protests, etc.

This surely brings back memories of Avdhoot Gupte’s Zenda. But Vijay Aso treads on a different path by focusing more on their working style with respect to the manner in which they organize staged political events. Later on, the most defining moment and Mandlekar’s transformation take the movie to a new level.

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