Yuntum 2018 movies review


Review: For those of you, who feel this is a repeat of Sairat, let us make it clear that it isn’t! Sameer Asha Patil Yuntum is way different from Nagraj Manjule’s love saga and the only binding thread, if any, is the teenage love angle.

Ranga (Kadam) falls in love with Meera (Shelgaonkar), his college mate and does everything he can to get an audience with her. Meera reciprocates his feelings and their courtship begins. Ranga’s father (Shinde) is a well-known Shehnai player and when Meera tells Ranga that she likes to listen to Shehnai, Ranga takes it upon himself to learn the instrument. No love story is complete without twists, not even Ranga and Meera’s. But the twist in their story is an unexpected one.

The industry is undergoing a big change in terms of the roles of protagonists. There’s been a paradigm shift when it comes to the female lead and Yuntum is another good example of this welcome shift. The lady here is more sensitive, understanding and daring as opposed to the confused hero.

To their credit, newcomers Vaibhav and Apoorva have done fantastic jobs. But it is Sayaji Shinde who stands out with his measured portrayal of a once famous musician whose star is fading. It is refreshing to see his acting acumen being put to good use.

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