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Aziah “Zola” King, a self-assured waitress and part-time stripper in Detroit, meets Stefani, an outgoing and crass fellow stripper, while serving her at work. Stefani invites Zola to dance with her at a club that night, and the two form a quick friendship. The next day, Stefani proposes that Zola join her on a road trip to Tampa, Florida, the location of a strip club where Stefani claims the two can make significant money. Zola joins Stefani, her mysterious roommate, X, and Stefani’s sheepish boyfriend, Derrek, on a road trip.

Upon arriving in Tampa, Stefani, Zola, and X leave Derrek at a seedy motel while they visit the club where Stefani claims her friends earned over $5,000 in one night. The two perform at the club, but do not net nearly as much as Stefani insisted they would. After, Zola learns that Stefani and X have posted photos of her and Stefani in a Backpage advertisement selling a night of sex with them. Zola attempts to leave, but is threatened by X, who reveals himself to be Stefani’s pimp.

X brings the women to an upscale hotel, where Stefani proceeds to have sex with a male client. Zola, who does not wish to participate, is incredulous when she learns that X is charging only $150 per client. Zola edits the Backpage advertisement, changing the rate to $500 to help Stefani earn more money; by the end of the night, Stefani has made over $8,000. X is initially insulted by Zola’s intervention, but grows impressed. Meanwhile, Derrek, left to his own devices, befriends a man named Dion whom he meets at the motel. When X, Stefani, and Zola return to the motel, X is enraged to discover that Derrek informed Dion about their reason for visiting Tampa. Worried that Dion and his associates will rob them, X forces the group to flee.

After arriving at another hotel, X arranges for Stefani to see more clients at various locations, while a reluctant Zola stands by to ensure Stefani’s safety. When Derrek realizes Stefani is again engaging in prostitution, he argues with her, revealing to Zola that Stefani has manipulated other dancers into unwittingly participating in similar prostitution rackets. Zola is angered and loses all trust in Stefani. Derrek and Stefani’s quarreling is interrupted when X bursts in with Baybe, his lover and madam, who is armed with a gun. After calming the situation, X gives Zola a gun for the women’s protection, and Stefani and Zola are sent out so Stefani can continue to meet with clients.

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