Kedarnath 2018 movie reviews


Based in the valley around the Kedarnath Temple, Mansoor Khan (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a local Muslim porter. Mandakini “Mukku” Mishra (Sara Ali Khan) is the younger daughter of a Hindu priest Brijraj (Nitish Bharadwaj) who runs a hostel for pilgrims by the temple on behalf of the temple committee. She is engaged to the nephew of the head priest, Kullu (Nishant Dahiya). He was meant to marry her older sister, Brinda (Pooja Gor).

They both engaged in childhood but he dumped Brinda and switched to her sister Mukku who turned out to be prettier, and Brijraj agreed. Out of rebellion, Mukku flirts with the local boys and convinces them to come to her house and propose in order to embarrass Brijraj and Kullu. However, Mansoor is different, as they both notice each other and then Mukku makes the first move and hires him as her regular porter as she goes from her family home to a neighbouring village to help at her uncle’s shop.

She talks and talks to him and flirts outrageously and finally gets enough of a reaction to know he feels the same way. They are trapped in the rain together, share stories of their childhood, and then share a kiss. Brinda, incensed by jealousy, tells Mansoor that Mukku is just flirting with him as she has flirted with all the other boys. Mukku is unable to defend herself when he confronts her, but starts following him around everywhere, finally sitting in the rain outside his house. Brinda tries to cover for her, but she is found out and both Brijraj and Kullu come for her, planning to throw out all the Muslims, which, not-so-coincidentally, will also open up space for the new luxury hotel they are planning.

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