Baaghi 2 (2018) movie reviews


Neha, a married woman has a daughter, Rhea whom she loves dearly. On Rhea’s first day of school, Neha is attacked by masked men. She files a complaint to police, saying the men took Rhea away. The police conduct an investigation but find nothing. Undeterred by this, Neha seeks help from former boyfriend Ranveer “Ronnie” Pratap Singh, an Indian army Para SF soldier.

In past, Ronnie met Neha during their college time and fell in love with her at first sight. After some incidents, she too fell in love with Ronnie. However, her father Mahendra got diagnosed with cancer and before dying, requested Neha to marry Shekhar, a wealthy businessman. Wanting to fulfill Mahendra’s last wish, Neha tearfully broke up with Ronnie although they decided to remain friends.

Back in present, Ronnie meets a terrified Neha and agrees to help her. They reach police station where the F.I.R. writer, Inspector Sharad misbehaves to Neha. Ronnie beats up him in retaliation, an action that gets him arrested. But, he is soon released on a request from D.I.G. Ajay, a batchmate of Ronnie’s commanding officer Colonel Ranjit.

Ronnie is summoned back by Ranjit to the base, but changes his mind while traveling with a local physically disabled agent, Usman whose help he has sought, and goes to Rhea’s school. The principal denies any kidnapping incident around the school premises. Ronnie meets Shekhar’s brother Sunny, a drug addict and follows him to a building where he finds out Usman is involved in drug peddling.

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