Night Teeth 2021 hollywood movie reviews


In this spiritless Netflix movie, an unwitting chauffeur in Los Angeles is drawn into a murderous vampire plot.

The undead are the coolest kids in town in Adam Randall’s “Night Teeth,” a strangely listless vampire tale that unspools with some style and precious little sense.

The town is present-day Los Angeles, a place lousy with vamps who — according to the movie’s unpersuasive mythology — abide by the terms of a longstanding truce that allows them to coexist peacefully with humans. Not so down with that is Victor (Alfie Allen), an ambitious midlevel ghoul, who has instructed his two henchwomen (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) to assassinate the five vampire bosses who each rule a section of the city. Further plans are not forthcoming.

Enter Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), a somewhat dim college student moonlighting as a chauffeur. When two leggy, languid beauties slide into his car and direct him to a succession of mysterious parties, Benny is slow to cotton on to their haughty menace. Maybe he thinks red teeth are a fashion choice; or maybe he’s just falling for the younger of the two’s siphoning skills.

Underutilizing actors with recognizable skills (like Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney and, as Benny’s vampire-hunting brother, Raúl Castillo), “Night Teeth” is an enervated parade of hot colors and cold hearts. Brent Dillon’s script delivers pinpricks of wit (“Please drink responsibly,” one party hostess advises her guests), and the cinematographer Eben Bolter knows his neon. That’s one reason the movie’s decadent nightclub vibe is more fully realized than any of its characters: Far from giving me shivers, “Night Teeth” gave me a sudden urge to break out the sequined pants and head for the nearest velvet rope.

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