Band Baaja Baaraat 2010 movie reviews


Bittoo Sharma (Ranveer Singh) gatecrashes a wedding for free food, and flirts with Shruti Kakkar (Anushka Sharma), who is assisting the wedding coordinator. Shruti is not interested in flirting and reveals her main interest is becoming a wedding planner.

Bittoo is under pressure from his father (Govind Pandey) to come back to the village and work on sugarcane fields. Shruti is being coaxed into marriage as soon as possible by her relatives, and makes a deal with her parents that she has five years to make her business successful before they arrange a marriage. Bittoo tells his father that he cannot come back, because he is starting a wedding planning business. He goes to Shruti to become her business partner, but she refuses because she is worried a partnership might lead to a romantic complication.

Shruti and Bittoo go to meet Chanda Narang (Shena Gamat), a famous wedding planner, in hopes Chanda will hire Shruti. Instead Chanda offers Bittoo a job. Bittoo accepts, on the condition he and Shruti are hired together. On the job, Shruti sees that Chanda is unprofessional; she cheats her clients, and delivers nothing according to their wishes. When a client confronts Chanda, she blames Shruti. Bittoo and Shruti quit, and form their own company. When they finally get their first big client, they celebrate, ending up drunk and later having sex.

They misunderstand each other in the aftermath and have a huge fight. Shruti breaks the partnership, forcing Bittoo to leave the company, and Bittoo starts his own wedding planning business but both companies struggle.

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