Dahan 2022 Season 1 review


India is booming with back-to-back OTT content with shows made on every genre one could think of. However, horror is something that the makers have hesitated to explore except one or two mini-series. That’s where Vikranth Pawar’s Dahan comes in as a proverbial knight in shining armour with an array of idiosyncratic themes, interesting characters and an esoteric canvas teeming with fantastical elements. It is not your run-of-the-mill tale of ghouls and monsters wreaking havoc. There’s more to the plot than what you’ve bargained for.

Set in a quaint and rough-hewn fictional town of Shilashpura in Rajasthan, Dahan narrates the story of a maligned IAS officer Avni Raut (Tisca Chopra) who wants to turn things around for herself by taking on an assignment of mediating a deal between Mangon Mining Corporation and reluctant citizens of Shilashpura. The bone of contention between the two opposing parties remains to be the disputed site of the mining project. While Mangon Corporation desperately wants to start their work so they can get their hand on a rare natural mineral, the site itself is said to be the legacy left behind by the monster of Shilashpura. Avni along with her son Amey, upon their arrival to Shilashpura get acquainted with the lore of Raakan, Haadika and Mayaavi and the two mysterious factions Kaaraapalli and Nikaasiya and their blood-stained history.

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