Ek Villain 2014 movie reviews


A young woman, Aisha Verma (Shraddha Kapoor), tries to leave behind a message for her husband, Guru Divekar (Siddharth Malhotra), who then calls her, but the call is disrupted when a masked man enters Aisha’s house and kills her by throwing her off the window. At her funeral, CBI officer Aditya Rathore (Shaad Randhawa) points out that it is vital to track down the murderer or else Guru will go on a killing spree. Guru’s past is shown in flashbacks. He used to be a ruthless hitman working for mob boss Caeser (Remo Fernandes), who raised and trained him so that Guru could have a chance to murder the goons who killed his parents. Guru is arrested for killing a young man, Debu, but is bailed, as Debu’s mother, a witness, refuses to testify against him. She warns Guru that she did not testify because one day, God will make him pay for his crimes, and he will also lose a loved one.

Guru meets and falls in love with Aisha, an optimistic girl dying from a terminal illness. They get married and Guru leaves behind his old life and gets a job while Aisha receives treatment in Mumbai and recovers. She discovers she is pregnant and decides to tell Guru in person when he returns from his interview, but is murdered before she can. Meanwhile, Rakesh Mahadkar (Riteish Deshmukh) is an unsuccessful and henpecked man who is constantly ridiculed by his wife Sulochana (Aamna Sharif) for his shortcomings, though he still loves her. He vents out his frustration by murdering other women who speak rudely to him, and Aisha turns out to be one of them.

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