Gang of Ghosts 2014 movie reviews


A story about a group of ghosts who have lost their shelter due to urbanization. The story that the stranger narrates shows the communal, social, linguistic and historical differences among the ghosts, as they belong to different eras.

It starts with a struggling wannabe film director entering the Royal Mansion in the motive of shooting for a movie of title “Hot Haryanvi” for which he can’t decide about the ending. There a stranger comes past the guard to meet the director claiming that he is a writer and has a wonderful story worth making a movie. But, the director brushes him off. The writer Raju (Sharman Joshi) again confronts the director in order to make him listen to his story. The director (Parambrata Chatterjee) finally agrees but on a condition that the writer will have to listen to his story first.

Raju writer listens to his story but doesn’t like it and tells him to throw his story into a dustbin. The director then listens to Raju writer’s story. He starts his story by saying about the relation of Mumbai’s social and industrial works with the spirits or ghosts staying in the houses, trees, etc., and how their homes are lost. Then he shifts to Raibahadur Seth Gendamal Hemraj (Anupam Kher) who owns a large Mill and is also the owner of the Royal Mansion. The mill workers angry by Gendamal’s friendly relation with the Britishers, set out to burn the mill in which Gendamal was present, burning him to death. His ghost now stays at his own Royal Mansion. Then Raju tells about Mr.Ramsey (J.Brandon Hill) who was had a habit of reading and at that time the Indians were struggling for the fight for Independence and threw a bomb at him to his death. He contacted his once upon a time boss Mr. Booth who asks Gendamal to let Ramsey stay at the Royal Mansion to which Gendamal agrees.

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