Gaddalakonda Ganesh 2019 movies review


In a cinema studio, an assistant director who aspires to become a film director named Abhilash, aka Abhi is insulted by one of the directors, and there he challenges that he will become a good director with a good film in a few days. Another producer likes Abhi’s hard work and suggests that he do a gangster movie.

He decides to direct the biopic of a gangster. In search of a gangster, he finds the ruthless gangster named Gaddalakonda Ganesh, aka Gani lives in the town of Gaddalakonda. Abhi lands in Gaddalakonda and starts learning about Gani with the help of his friend Chintakayyi. Abhi traps Bujjama, the granddaughter of Gani’s chef and she falls in love with Abhi, who realises this and reciprocates her feelings.

After some hilarious scenes, Abhi and Chintakayyi befriends Thuppaki, one of Gani’s henchmen. Later the duo learns that the Thuppaki is helping Prabhakar, one of Gani’s rivals, to kill Gani for the position of Gani. However, Gani acknowledges this, plans and to kill Thuppaki. Gani also kidnaps Abhi and his friend. Abhi says the truth, and Gani feels happy that they were taking the biopic of him, and he narrates the whole story, including his criminal activities.

From childhood, Gani starts beating people for money. Later he does settlements for M.L.A. Gani, also a fan of Sridevi. Later, Gani falls for Sridevi, aka Devi, a computer student, but she doesn’t accept him because of his aimless behaviour.

Later she also reciprocates his feelings after he rescues her from ragging. But Devi’s father refuses to accept their relationship due to the caste system. Devi and Gani decide to elope from Gaddalakonda, and Gani refuses to kill someone for the M.L.A because he wants to leave behind his rowdyism.

The M.L.A informs the police about Gani’s whereabouts. The police come to the railway station and beat up Gani while Devi’s father threatens Devi to marry the bridegroom whom he chose, otherwise he will order the police to kill Gani. Devi reluctantly marries a police officer who belongs to her caste. Another M.L.A, with the lawyer, comes to the police station and says that Gani’s M.L.A had informed the police of Gani’s whereabouts. He then goes to his M.L.A and slits his throat in front of his mother. Then Gani’s mother complains against him. But Gani claims in court that his mother is a mute. From that day onwards, she refuses to speak with Gani.

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