Gully Rowdy 2021 movie reviews


This movie is shot in the city of Vizag (VISAKHAPATNAM), where Vasu, and Head-constable Pattapagalu Venkatrao are seen on at the beach, pointed with a gun by CI Raghu Nayak. Vasu revinds his memories and it is found that he is a topper in his childhood. But his grand father, Meesala Simhachalam, is a rowdy who makes settlements for the good of the people. This irritates Bairagi Naidu, whose plan is to take over the city of Vizag in his hands.

For this reason, Naidu makes many land settlements, which makes Simhachalam very angry, but cannot do nothing as his power is more than Naidu’s power. Then, Nemali Babu suggests Simhachalam that to make his grandson a rowdy, because his sun has died in a car accident. This frustrates Vasu but accepts for his grandfather’s sake.

After some years of training, he is said that he has become a rowdy and ready to do settlements like his grandfather. He falls in love with a software employee, Sahitya, who is the daughter of Venkatrao. The family of Venkatrao is a middle-class family and Venkatrao cannot afford for his son’s higher studies and his daughter’s marriage. Soon they come to hear that his land was to be purchased by someone for 2cr. But this land is been occupied by Bairagi Naidu.

Venkatrao then asks Naidu about his land, but he ended with only 50k, and torture kept by Naidu’s son Chinna. Vasu knows that Sahitya’s family is in a trouble and tries to help them. Vasu and Venkatrao’s family help in kidnapping Naidu and taking the money from him. While doing so, they unfortunately end up caught by Naidu , but someone shoots Naidu to death. Taking as an advantage they take the money from Naidu and run away in a hurry, leaving some evidences.

CI Raghu Nayak, who has been suspended due to his reckless behaviour, is being joined by the command of the officials. He collected the proofs like Sahitya’s shoe, fingerprints, spectacles, and some hair and were handed to the forensic lab.

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