Raincoat 2004 movie reviews


Manoj (Ajay Devgan) is a country man of very little money who lives in a poor village, and is sent to Calcutta by his mother to look for money for his sister’s wedding. While there, he stays with two friends, Alok and Sheela, who are very helpful in his desperate quest to find money. Alok makes some phone calls and writes a letter for him to send to his former classmates. The letter explains Manoj’s plight, and asks for any money to spare. Manoj, ashamed, tells Alok to forget the letter and that he will go out the next day and ask for money personally.

The next morning, Alok tells about his career. He has gotten quite wealthy as a producer for TV serials. Also, as a part of a diet, he has Herbalife for breakfast. Manoj asks Alok about an address that he plans to stop at while looking for money that day, and the address turns out to be of a woman that Manoj was supposed to marry, but married another. Alok remembers what he had to go through to get Manoj over her, and insists he not go there and upset himself. Sheela tells Alok not to get so angry, and let Manoj go where he pleases. The woman is supposed to be quite wealthy, and Manoj hopes not only to see her again (for the first time since her marriage), but perhaps to get some money as well. Alok finally backs off.

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