Sharmaji Ki Lag Gayi 2019 movie reviews


STORY: Professor Sharmaji (Brijendra Kala) is quite a prude, but happens to be the sex columnist of ‘Jhunjhuna Samachar’, a weekly newspaper owned by the wealthy and influential Murli (Krishna Abhishek). Things stir up when Sharmaji’s pretty wife Shobha (Mugdha Godse) is eve-teased by Lallan (Hemant Pandey), who manages to cause marital troubles despite being behind bars.

REVIEW: ‘Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gai’ sheds light on the marital issues of a sexpert. And placing all their bets on this ironic plot were its filmmakers, who seemed to have neglected the script entirely. Although the proficient actors tried to add some flavour to most of the redundant scenes, they were often guilty of overplaying their part.

In the film, sexpert Sharmaji caters to the needs of old, shady men, and even ridicules them for having a sex drive. His consistent ‘log kya kahenge’ ideology keeps Shobha from fighting against a ruffian, until Murli intervenes to save his ‘bhabhiji’. It takes another man’s prowess to make our timid Sharmaji feel insecure. Capitalising on the situation is Lallan, who provokes him just to get out of prison.

While Sharmaji’s mannerisms surely reflect our society, this concept has been repeatedly portrayed in Hindi films. There is so much that could have been done with the basic plot, but the scriptwriters only cared to include distasteful jokes on skimpily dressed women. Unless you are looking for some cliché-ridden melodrama, you can skip this one.

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