The Legend Of Michael Mishra 2016 movie reviews


The film begins with FP, owner of Michael Mishra’s Restaurant, narrating the story of Michael Mishra to customers at the restaurant.

Michael Mishra is an illegal immigrant from Nepal living in Bihar, India. He falls in love with Varsha Shukla at first sight in his teenage. Before he talks to her, he is arrested by police. He leaves his necklace to her before being taken away by police. Police take Michael and other Nepali illegal immigrants to India-Nepal border to send them back to their own country. However, Michael runs back to India, to find Varsha, despite knowing nothing about her, even her name.

Michael cannot find Varsha. He then lives and grows up in Bihar, and becomes the head of a local kidnapping group. Even grown up, Michael never gives up looking for Varsha. However, the only way Michael can identify Varsha now is by recognizing her voice of saying Hello. Michael once saves the life of a young man nicknamed Half Pant, a.k.a. HP, and HP therefore joins Michael’s kidnapping business to help Michael. The two gradually become close friends.

In a local music competition, Michael finally finds Varsha, who is a contestant at the event. With the help of HP, Michael interact with Varsha for several times. He even moves to Varsha’s neighbourhood to get close to her. One day, Michael writes a love letter to Varsha, addressing himself as MM. He throw the letter to Varsha’s balcony, and later gets a positive response by the same means. Varsha also says in the letter that she can only marry him after he reforms himself.

Michael loves Varsha so much that he decides to reform himself to marry her. He disbands his kidnapping group and releases all the hostages. To completely reform himself, Michael surrenders himself to police and confesses all his past crimes. Before surrendering himself, Michael wrote another letter to Varsha, saying he will not come back until completely reforming himself. The letter however failed to reach Varsha, and Michael is unaware of it.

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