Tamil Rockerz 2022 Season 1 review

Initially, Tamilrockers was relatively unknown as they would upload only Tamil films on their website. Their popularity rose when they expanded to bootlegging pirated content from other regional languages.

‘Action Star’ Aditya has a big Diwali release: Garuda. The film promises to be paisa vasool for the fans of the actor and a money spinner for its producers as it checks all the boxes for being a mega hit. But there is one hitch. A film piracy group, the Tamilrockerz, is threatening to release the film online before it hits the big screen.

The above description neatly encapsulates the premise of a new web series, Tamilrockerz, set to release Friday. But the drama it projects on screen tallies closely with real-life scenes that played out sometime around 2018 ahead of a big ticket release of a Tamil film star.

Tamilrockers was a piracy website that was run by a group that came to be known by the same name. The origins of the group are largely unknown, but if some reports are to be believed, they came into existence around 2011. This was a time when torrent sites like Pirate Bay were the go-to platforms to download pirated content for free.

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