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Uday, a criminal don wants to get his kind hearted half-sister Sanjana married. He fails since no one wants to be associated with his crime family. Dr. Dayal Ghunghroo has also been trying to get his nephew Rajiv, an auctioneer married, but due to his condition, the alliance must be with a purely decent family. He is also unsuccessful.

Rajiv is smitten by Sanjana. Uday and his don cousin Majnu hatch a plan for an alliance with Dayal. The plan works and he agrees, thinking Uday is a very decent man. But after knowing Uday is a mobster, Dayal flees to Sun City, South Africa with his family. Majnu and Sanjana arrive in Sun City. Rajiv meets her again and the two fall in love.

Dayal returns to Uday and Majnu and finally agrees to the alliance. The two invite a powerful don of underworld, RDX and his son Lucky, who refuses and leaves for a drink with friends. Ishika Kanojia enters, claiming to be Rajiv’s childhood betrothed. She is actually Dayal’s sister-in-law, who he asked to come and try to break off the engagement.

Ishika does so. Rajiv and Sanjana are heartbroken. Dayal reveals that Chitra (Rajiv’s mother) was married into a crime family and got harassed and tortured thus telling Dayal to raise Rajiv away from crime when he was born. He says he’ll agree only if Uday and Majnu give up their common crime life.

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